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Nearest Eclipse Towns

State Totality
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Partial eclipse
Athens TN 35°30'16.27"N 84°27'11.86"W (northeast of Athens) link Athens, link 1:04 EDT 2:34 EDT 3:59 EDT
Crossville TN 35°56'41.35"N 85° 1'56.67"W (go south about 9 miles) link Crossville, link 12:02 CDT 1:32 CDT 2:57 CDT
Carthage TN 36°14'43.33"N 85°56'56.79"W link Carthage, link 12:00 CDT 1:30 CDT 2:55 CDT
Adairville KY 36°39'43.08"N 86°51'5.79"W link Adairville, link 11:58 CDT 1:28 CDT 2:53 CDT
Princeton KY 37° 6'19.67"N 87°53'1.18"W link Princeton, link 11:55 CDT 1:25 CDT 2:51 CDT
Goreville IL 37°33'11.92"N 88°58'19.52"W link Goreville, link 11:53 CDT 1:22 CDT 2:48 CDT
St. Genevieve MO 37°58'40.28"N 90° 2'54.83"W link St. Genevieve, link 11:51 CDT 1:19 CDT 2:46 CDT
St. Clair MO 38°20'54.71"N 90°58'52.17"W link St. Clair, link 11:49 CDT 1:17 CDT 2:43 CDT
New Bloomfield MO 38°43'24.01"N 92° 5'7.19"W link New Bloomfield, link 11:46 CDT 1:14 CDT 2:41 CDT
Marshall MO 39° 7'23.03"N 93°11'46.72"W link Marshall, link 11:44 CDT 1:12 CDT 2:38 CDT
Lathrop MO 39°33'17.93"N 94°19'45.10"W link Lathrop, link 11:42 CDT 1:09 CDT 2:36 CDT
Highland KS 39°51'19.79"N 95°14'29.33"W link Highland, link 11:40 CDT 1:07 CDT 2:34 CDT
Steinauer NE 40°12'29.21"N 96°14'2.22"W link Steinauer, link 11:38 CDT 1:05 CDT 2:31 CDT
Burress NE 40°35'1.54"N 97°30'3.52"W link Burress, link 11:36 CDT 1:02 CDT 2:29 CDT
Grand Island NE 40°52'13.48"N 98°23'34.22"W link Grand Island, link 11:34 CDT 1:00 CDT 2:27 CDT
Callaway NE 41°17'41.99"N 99°55'1.38"W link Callaway, link 11:32 CDT 12:57 CDT 2:23 CDT
Times estimated with the Xavier Jubier eclipse tool. If link doesn't work in a web browser, try another. Times are approximate!  • See also: NASA eclipse explorer  •  Maps and Calculators